4 Ideas For A Date Night

Are you searching for a new, fun way to spice up your date night? Look no further than Slate Bistro & Craft Bar. Our cozy environment and diverse menu are perfect for romantic outings, first dates, or just a night out with your special someone. Let's take the mundane out of your typical dinner date. Choose any of these four fantastic ideas, and your night will be anything but ordinary.

mixed cocktails

Sip & Savor With Our Craft Cocktails

At Slate Bistro & Craft Bar, we take mixology seriously. We invite you to sample our craft cocktails, expertly mixed with artisan spirits and the freshest of ingredients. Each sip is an experience to relish, perfect for those intimate conversations and shared laughs. Raise your glasses to love and companionship, and make this date night one for the books!

surf and turf

Indulge In A "Surf & Turf" Night

Looking for an unforgettable culinary journey? Embark on our unique "Surf & Turf" night at Slate Bistro & Craft Bar. Delight in the best of both worlds as you savor our expertly prepared sushi and succulent steak. Our innovative chefs bring the finest ingredients to your table, skillfully balancing flavors of the sea and land. Whether it's the delicate nuances of our sushi or the robust richness of our steak, you and your date are sure to be swept off your feet.

banquet table

Experience Togetherness With Our Banquet Option

At Slate Bistro & Craft Bar, we believe that great times are amplified when shared with more people. That's why we offer a unique banquet option, perfect for group date nights. Enjoy our top-notch gourmet food, craft cocktails, and the cheerful atmosphere as a group. Sharing laughter, delicious bites, and heartwarming stories have never been this delightful. Get your friends involved in your date night, turning it into an unforgettable shared experience.

person handing bowl

Join Us In Giving Back To The Community

Slate Bistro & Craft Bar is more than just a place for great food and drinks. We're a passionate part of the Ventura County community. Why not turn your next date night into an occasion of giving back? Participate in one of our bi-annual homeless BBQ nights. This enriching experience will not only warm your hearts but also create a unique bond as you work together to support the community. Enjoy the profound satisfaction that comes from doing good while spending time with your special someone.

A memorable date night awaits you at Slate Bistro & Craft Bar. Be it savoring our craft cocktails, diving into a delicious sushi or steak dish, organizing a group date night, or joining our community service, every moment spent here is designed to foster stronger connections. Step away from the ordinary and book your table today, or sign up for our next community event. Let's create unforgettable moments together — contact us today!

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